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    all my housing stuff for uni has been applied for woooo

    i just need to finish my student finance application and then i have nothing to worry about until august 

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    delena  tvd  yo shelby 

    Send me 3 names for FUCK, MARRY, PILOT A JAEGER


    (Inspired by knitmeapony)

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    ((I don’t even remember what happens in this episode))

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    I’m watching shameless on my TV for the first time it’s so pretty

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    Why have I never seen a thorki shipper mention the deleted scene before the coronation in Thor where Loki actually says ‘I love you’ and then says ‘give us a kiss’

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    Frozach Submitted

    My mom is a travel agent and I can confirm that people are legitimately this stupid when it comes to travel.

    "It took us 9 hours to get home to England but the Americans only took 3  hours this is unfair" OH YES LET ME JUST REARRANGE THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE FUCKING PLANET FOR YOU SIR TERRIBLY SORRY

    Whenever I think “oh this is the funniest one” I read the next one and I just can’t

    "No-one told us there would be fish in the water" what the actual fuck

    its fucking water

    what the fuck did you expect

    jesus christ

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    Kurt’s the hotshot now. And after what happened to him a few weeks ago a lot of people look at him as a hero. He’s leading man material.

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    I finally made a Giveaway again! 8D Mainly because I really really want to give stuff away. Tbh it’s fun, really fun. I hope you enjoy this cute giveaway uvu

    Be sure to read the rules though!!

    This is what you’ll get i you win:

    ✿ This Emoticon Kitty sweater!!!

    ✿ An Alpaca plushie!!!

    And a bunch of candy from sweden!!!

    Rules and information: 

    ♥ This giveaway is for everyone! No need to follow me!I do appreciate if you did follow me but I’d rather have you follow me because you want to, not because you have to.

    ♥ No giveaway blogs!

    ♥ You need to be over 18 or have your parents permission to have things sent to you. Because you do need to be comfortable with giving me your address. 

    Reblogs and likes both counts as entries, but only one per person mainly because only one reblog will show up among the notes uvu

    ♥ I will use random.org to pick a winner.

    ♥ You do not need to worry about the shipping! uvu 

    ♥ You will get 3 packages so you know. Otherwise it will cost an unnecessary amount of money for me

    ♥ If you win you need to tell me if you’re allergic to anything or if there’s anything you don’t like.

    The alpaca will be 17 cm and in a random colour and accessory. 

    ♥ The giveaway will end in a month on the 16th may, on my birthday! uvu 

    ♥ If the winner does not reply in 48 hours i will pick a new one.

    ♥ I won’t post who the winner is. 

    Also if this giveaway get a lot of notes there is a big chance I will add another price! uvu So be sure to check out if there’s been more updates! I will tag my giveaway as Yaoigiveaway

    Goodluck everyone!!! /)>v<(\

    Hope this will be as fun for you as it is for me! ♥v

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